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Collect leads and convert those leads into sales!

Collect Your Leads

This is your purpose.
This is why you’re here and is the purpose of your sales funnel. When your prospect supplies their name, email address, and phone number then you have the ability to send them any business opportunity you feel like telling them about.

There are 2 methods for collecting leads.

Method 1

Send them to a sales page which gives them all the info about your opportunity and let them decide if they’d like to join that opportunity. This method will result in less leads captured as not everyone will be interested in joining your opportunity and once they’ve seen the info they may just decide its not for them and you’ll never hear from them again. Since they’ve looked at the info and not joined the opportunity then you did not collect their name, email address or phone number.

Method 2

Take them to a capture page which keeps your opportunity a mystery which can only be revealed once they supply their name, email address, and phone number. This method will result in the highest amount of leads captured. If your opportunity is not what the prospect is interested in then you can supply them with another opportunity in which they may be interested in at any time.

Never pay for an autoresponder monthly service again!

What is an autoresponder?

and why do I need one?

An autoresponder is a tool for you to use online that allows you to quickly collect names and e-mail addresses, and automatically follow up with those specific individuals in any fashion that you want. After the person signs up for your list, the autoresponder can be set up before hand to automatically follow up with the individual educating them about whatever it is that you choose, in whatever way that you choose. (One key thing to always remember is the money is in the follow up.)  Not only will you be able to automate your lead generation, and scale it to millions of leads at once, but the autoresponder will also allow you to automatically follow up with those leads, and help you make sales without you having to physically be there to make the sale and collect the money.

Save a ton of money with Easy Lead Funnels!

Stop Paying for web hosting

Web Hosting can cost as much as $150+/month. With Easy Lead Funnels we take care of the hosting and you’ll have no monthly billing. 

Stop Paying for Email Marketing Services

With Email Marketing Services you could be paying as much as $500+/month. With Easy Lead Funnels we hook you up with a lifetime autoresponder and no more monthly bill. 

Want to keep your existing autoresponder service? Not a problem. We can integrate any popular service such as aweber, mailchimp, etc into your funnel.

We’ll customize any project to fit your needs!

Need an Entire Website?

We’ve done plenty of them

The cost for a customized website will depend on your specific needs so at this point you’ll want to communicate your specific needs to us so we can analyze that data and get you a quote. Also its great if you can send us links to other websites you might have in mind as examples to the sort of style you’re looking for. We have also built many membership type sites if you need something of that nature.

Marketing Funnel Demos

You only pay $99 (includes a capture page, funnel and autoresponder service)

Collect leads and convert those leads into sales!
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